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    1. How to conserve electric vehicle batteries? 2017-09-18 Share to:

      Electric vehicle battery is traction battery, and other batteries are different, we ride the electric car want to ride faster, far away, charging is not convenient, with the charge, charging time want a little shorter. Therefore, the discharge current of the battery of the electric vehicle is larger, the discharge depth is deeper, the charging current is larger, and the charging interval is longer. This makes the battery performance quickly damaged, seriously affecting the battery life.
      How to prolong the service life of battery?
      First, the car to light, better performance. Using simple models of battery life style is relatively long, because the wheel diameter, light weight, battery light burden.
      Second, the battery should choose a good quality brand.
      Third, choose a good charger.
      Fourth, the car does not use batteries for a long time, a Zhou Chong, a power.
      Fifth, cycling should pay attention to, generally take the start, climbing, manpower help line, without overloading, do not drive fast, often charging.
      Six, battery vulcanization is the first killer of battery life.
      Vulcanization is a battery that produces lead sulfate particles during charging and discharging, especially in large current discharges. For example, if the 10Ah battery, with more than 10A current discharge will produce more lead sulfate particles in cathode materials, this reaction is irreversible reaction in electric current conditions and charging mode, with the extension of time, the particles in the electrode material on the accumulation, because the particles are not conductive, the resistance of external characteristics of the show is to increase the battery, reducing the capacity, cause the whole group battery capacity decline, large current discharge capacity (the actual performance is climbing ability) to further reduce. This phenomenon is called the vulcanization of a battery. Once the battery is vulcanized, it will not only reduce the capacity of the negative plate of the battery, but also aggravate the loss of water and the softening of the positive plate, which will affect the life of the whole battery.
      1, first of all, the battery can not stick water, if there is wet weather on rainy days, or charge water when touching, dry with a dry cloth in a timely manner;
      2, can not overload exercise, especially not in the uphill section overload, because suddenly increase the current, will cause damage to the battery;
      3, the battery charge time must be uniform. A charge must be full, not full use, it will reduce battery life;
      4, the use of electronic repair device for repair, which can effectively decompose the lead sulfide crystal inside the battery effectively, prolong the service life of batteries (that can effectively extend the battery for about 2 years). For an old battery that is used for about a year, it may recover to about 80% of the battery status, and can be used for about a year.

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