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    1. Idea
      Production equipment is an important part of the productivity and one of the basic elements, we are engaged in production and operation of the important tools and means of chemical industry is the survival and development of important material wealth,Production equipment in terms of the share of the assets of chemical enterprises, or from the management of the content, as well as the competitiveness of the enterprise market experience, it occupies a considerable proportion and a very important position.
      • 6%

        6% of annual sales research and development funds

      • 2.5

        Invested 250 million to build the test center

      • 560

        560 sets of equipment

      • CNAS

        China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment


      The pursuit of perfection, attention to detail, professional management, trustworthy. Fully enclosed compact design, low noise, no pollution to the environment. Automatic optimization system Optional mold loss is small, low breaking frequency.

      • energy-saving


        From energy production to consumption of all links, effective and rational use of energy

      • Excellence


        Will seriously implement the responsibility of energy saving, energy saving and reduce the work.

      • Powerful


        Equipped with a powerful motor, not only powerful and excellent performance, can cope

      • flexible


        The multimedia controller supports multiple processor support for superior reliability and security

      Intelligent manufacturing line, composite national industry and information technology department (MIIT) "information and industrialization of the integration of" policy requirements, with a national traceability system, you can trace all the product source of raw materials, product batches and operating equipment process information.

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